Our Story

An illustration of A Frame Sauce Company owners Caleb and Scott

Step into our world, where flavor, friendship, and a touch of spice come together to create A Frame Sauce Company. It all began on an organic coffee farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua back in 2008. Here we were, Caleb and Scott, soccer buddies turned adventurers from Flagler College, setting off to embrace the surf and culture of Central America. Little did we know, this journey would ignite a passion that would shape our future.

From Goals to Coffee Beans
From soccer goals to rows of coffee plants, our journey led us beyond the familiar. There we were, in northern Nicaragua, immersing ourselves in the art of coffee cultivation. But life had a surprise in store for us. Amidst coffee beans and the scent of adventure, the vibrant allure of datil peppers captured our hearts.

A Peppered Connection to Home
Returning to the shores of St. Augustine, Florida, we carried the spirit of our travels back with us. Inspired by the heat of those Nicaraguan peppers, we decided to grow our own datil pepper plants, right in our backyard. It was more than just cultivation; it was a connection between distant lands and our cherished hometown.

From Heat to Flavorful Creation
As our pepper plants flourished, so did our culinary ambitions. Our kitchen became a laboratory of flavors, where we transformed those fiery datil peppers into something extraordinary. Friends and family were our willing taste testers, and their enthusiastic response was all the encouragement we needed to keep going.

A Taste of Encouragement and Innovation
With every positive nod, our confidence grew. The spark of an idea became a flame, and we realized our sauce had the potential to be more than just a kitchen experiment. With unwavering support from our loved ones, we took the plunge. Armed with a label that embodied our journey, we launched our very first commercial batch of Original Datil Pepper Sauce.

Flavor Beyond Borders: A Dream Realized
That launch was just the beginning. A Frame Sauce Company, a name that now resonates with flavor explorers everywhere, was born. Every bottle tells a story – the story of two friends who chased flavors across continents, embraced the heat, and celebrated the datil pepper's heritage.